Premium Seafood Shellfish Packages by Cattle Bros.
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*Free 2 Day Shipping - Premium Seafood Shellfish Package: 40-45 servings

An assortment of Shrimp Coconut - Shrimp Cooked Tail - Lobster Tail - Johna Crab Claws Scored - Shrimp Eze Peel - Scallops.

*monthly payment options available- please call us or send us a message to set that up.

- Six Month guaranteed freshness against freezer burn.


We are offering contactless delivery in efforts to help the community against COVID-19.

- For further questions and concerns send us an email or call us directly at (916)-708-9948 for safe & special arrangements, thank you!


  • Item #: CBPSSP
  • Manufacturer: Cattle Bros. Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Premium Seafood Shellfish Package

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